So we thought it was about darn time to introduce you to the very creative, intelligent, beautiful, wise, wonderful, happy, funny, stupid, silly, crazy team here at…Did I mention that we are beautiful? Well in case you need some verification on that, these collage stick-figures should do the trick.

Katrine Anker-Nilssen:


Isn’t she so cute?

3 vital facts you need to know about Katrine:

  1. She appears in various hair adverts. Not really, but I’m the agent and taking any offers.
  2. She only has one cup of coffee per day. RESPECT!
  3. She makes her man lunch everyday. Aww Shweet, nunu poo, hunni buns!

Arb question: Do they make extra-length jerseys for sausage dogs?

Kerry Horrocks:


This woman can paint and play the violin but these are the real facts you need to know about Kerry:

  1. Kerry wears knee-length snow jackets to work
  2. Kerry wears Moon Boots to work
  3. Kerry works in Durban. It’s very very very cold in Durban.

Elzet Pedersen


This girl makes us cry everyday. Why oh why, you ask? Elzet is the only person we know to have:

  1. Dented every single corner of her car, plus the bonnet. All on separate occasions.
  2. Burnt her boyfriends flat down to smithereens.
  3. Taken someone else’s suitcase home from the airport by accident.

(by the way, for fear of jeopordising her chances of getting car or household insurance again, I changed her name. )

Louise Sanders


Since I’m writing this post, I get to select the following vital facts about moi:

  1. I don’t make my man lunch everyday. Sorry hun.
  2. I don’t wear Moon Boots to work. I find the Moon Suits much warmer.
  3. I did however, once upon a time, drive my bran new car home with …I’m hiding under the desk just thinking about it…the handbrake on.

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