Phuthu Dictionary: Thoughtful
adj. cheap-er, cheap-est
1. Low in cost; inexpensive; affordable
2. Make it yourself and pretty it up
3. Beautiful without it looking cheap


9 Thoughtful Gift Tips

  1. Don’t buy a card; it is ridiculously expensive and easy to make yourself. If you were last in the line when creativity was dished out, just make a small gift tag and add your name and a short message to it.
  2. A pot plant, cactus or orchid is always a winner – the gift that keeps on giving. Other easy but nice gift ideas are soaps, smellies and candles.
  3. Show off your domestic side by baking some cookies, rusks, brownies or make fudge. This will look beautiful in a colourful box with a loud ribbon.
  4. Be creative with vouchers. It can be anything from a babysitting voucher or a home-cooked meal to a  free website design, photography session or art voucher.
  5. A frame and photo is always a good choice for family members or close friends. Another alternative is to buy a second-hand frame from a flea market and zhoosh it up with stain, beads or anything crafty.
  6. A great pitch-in gift is a recipe album in a scrapbooking format. Get all your friends or family members to each supply their favourite recipe. Add photos and write personal comments or tips. This makes for a lovely home-made gift and memento.
  7. If you fancy yourself a knitter, knit a pair of gloves, warm woolly socks or a scarf.
  8. Visit a bead shop and make your own necklace, bangle or earrings.
  9. Buy a plain item such as a letter rack, tissue box, book stands or a photo box from a craft shop and give it a unique look with decoupage.

 It’s all about the thought and the presentation!

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