Five years ago Chris Chappe and our deputy mayor Logie Naidoo together launched the popular Bunny Barometer. Back then Mr Naidoo, a self-proclaimed bunny master, was the judge. But now the search for the best bunny chow has been taken to another level, as Chappe has launched a website where he urges the public to give reviews on the bunnies they have chowed – good, bad or ugly.
“There are about 500 businesses selling bunnies in Durban and KwaZulu-Natal, some more reputable than others” says Chappe. He wants honest reviews and hopes that by the time hordes of hungry tourists arrive for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, they will be spoilt for choice.
“Bunny chows are an institution in Durban and no one makes them quite like us. They are a great social leveller – you can have a chief executive and a mechanic eating a bunny in the same place,” says Chappe, who claims to have devoured at least 400 quarter bunnies in his life.
Keep a look out for a competition to name the quarter bunny mascot, and in the meantime visit the Quarterbunny Website to submit reviews you think will benefit fellow bunny chow fans.

Reference: Daily News


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