I would rather be poor in a cottage full of books than a king without the desire to read.
- Thomas Babington Macaulay

I love books. Love it, love it, love it! I obviously love reading as well. Anything from the telephone directory to fiction, non-fiction and autobiographies. I actually get withdrawal symptoms if I can’t find time to read and going-to-bed-time is just not the same if I can’t read a lil’ something first. This does go hand in hand with guilt, though. When I start reading a book I simply can not put it down, which means my husband gets toasted sarmies for supper, my kids watch Barney and Noddi instead of having quality time with their mom, and the dishes are piling up. Once the guilt gets to an unbearable level, I promise myself that this will all change once I finish my book. Just this one, pretty please!

Until the next book.

Previous quote:
Reading shouldn’t be a chore that you tick off: it should be your guilty pleasure.
- Michele Magwood

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