Braving the cold and the dark all by myself in order to get a little exercise is not something I’m particularly fond of. And that’s why I didn’t brave the cold and dark all by myself. Smart girl me. I braved it with a handful of other crazy, exercise-needy people.  I know they were crazy because I had to take off their straight-jackets for them at the start. The Hillcrest running club holds a time trial every Thursday and the main reason I take part is so that I can eat a California pizza at Primi afterwards. It’s because they’re worth it.

It was a small group of about 8 people so I tried to keep up with the two gentlemen in front of the pack, for safekeeping.  Superjerm always says I’m a keeper so hence the need for safekeeping.  Before I knew it we were down to 6 runners and then 5 and then 4 and then 3. The 3 would be me, and my two bodyguards. Things got really exciting though when a black runner joined us and started running next to me. Man, I felt fast. Like real fast. I’ve always wanted to run next to a black man because just like black people have rhythm and good voices, they’re also fast runners.  I am a slow runner and therefore I could deduce from the events that unfolded that if I was keeping up with a black runner, even if it was only for a minute, that I was running fast for one minute. It’s all terribly mathematical but the point is that I felt like a professional.  And braving the cold with crazy people was worth it for those 60 seconds of fast. You should try it sometime.

P.S Off topic, but I’m so glad to hear that the Doctors are back to work! :) makes me happy.

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