If we are all being responsible and spending less money on restaurants, clubs, theatre and movies it means that we are spending more time at home. Your home is your safe haven, a place to retreat to after a hard day, safe from the outside world. These affordable decor tips will help you turn your home into a beautiful living space without maxing out your credit card.

  • Blow up photos, scan and print beautiful images or create your own art and frame it
  • Choose a bold colour and paint a feature wall in your room
  • Make use of a table lamp that can be moved around as opposed to overhead lighting
  • Make your own exciting scatter cushion covers to give the room a new look
  • Wooden crates can be used for basically anything – pretty it up with a coat of paint
  • Play around with different paint techniques
  • Make your own curtains and blinds
  • Go to auctions and browse around for bargains that can be renovated
  • If a couch or chair is begging for a make-over, cover it with a throw or look at up-holstering it before you buy a new one
  • Buy raw pine pieces and choose a wash, varnish or coat of paint to give it a unique look
  • If your carpet looks worn and scruffy, cover it with a loose rug
  • Ask your gran or aunt to make you a quilt instead of using the old duvet cover or get one from Mr Price
  • People that are emigrating usually advertise in the classifieds; a great place to pick up bargains as everything is up for sale
  • Use flowers from your garden or buy them from the farmer’s market where they are cheaper
  • If the tiles in your bathroom are making you reach for the bucket, use a tile primer and paint over them to give your bathroom a brand-new look
  • Be creative when choosing side tables: a crate,  barrel, chest or tree stump can do the trick
  • Bribe your husband or brother to do the DIY stuff instead of calling out a handyman
  • A wooden shelf from a hardware store can turn a blank wall into something eye catching
  • Create a cosy outdoor area where you can entertain family and friends

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