I love our local sense of humour. The way we are always ready to crack a joke and play a prank. I love it that some of us look great in Armani while others have the courage to wear rugby shorts.
And it’s okay.
I’m captivated by the culture overload, the untamed vibe in the air, the music and the spice.

But most of all I love the people. We are flexible and deal with whatever life dishes out. Face it, it can get rough in South Africa. But do we sue over everything, like hot, spilled coffee?
There is still a sense of conviction and honesty in our people – we like to go to bed with a clear conscience; we like looking others straight in the eye. Our people are good, solid South Africans.

Man, I love this place. It’s pulsing through my blood; it’s in my make-up.

Nkosi sikelel’ iAfriKa!

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