I love getting up early on a Saturday morning! Hang on, let me re-phrase that… I love going to the Shongweni Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning! Provide I had a quiet Friday night in with movies and popcorn, that is… It might be somewhat hard for most, including me, to actually get out of bed when the weekend has finally arrived and you’ve had a tough week. And during winter especially, when it’s cold and rather dark, getting up early is not tempting at all. What’s tempting, however, is to stay under those warm blankets just for a little while longer… But luckily my other half is a keen surfer so he gets out of bed early every Satuday morning to head for the beach and catch a few waves. And once he is up, it’s easier for me to get up too.

The colourful Shongweni Farmer’s Market start buzzing at 6am and most people only really start packing up around 10am. Boasting over 90 stall holders proudly presenting their wonderful goodies, you’re guaranteed to find something that tickles your taste buds. Grab yourself a hot cup of Assagay Coffee (perhaps with a shot of Kahlua to warm you up on a cold winter’s morning) and wander around feasting your eyes and nose on everything on offer, before you decide what to have for breakfast. It’s not an easy choice, that’s for sure! Spicy falafels, juicy chicken wraps, greasy bacon and egg rolls, healthy avo sarmies, savoury pancakes, cheesy muffins, crispy sausage rolls, mouth-watering pies and much more… the list is endless! And best of all; everything is homemade.

Do yourself a favour and bring a basket or a shopping bag, as you’ll also be able to get your hands on fresh organic eggs, vegetables, meat and dairy products. But arrive early, because everything sells out pretty fast. Beautiful furniture, paintings, clothes and other great crafts and gifts are also on offer.

And if you love dogs just as much as I do, you’ll take your little mutt with you as well – to meet and greet all sorts of amazing varieties of our loyal canine friends. On Saturday my Sausage sniffed everything from a Pug to a Great Dane, and scored heaps of biltong from distracted dogs, generous stall holders and little kids who more often that not miss their mouths when they are trying to feed themselves.

So come on, lazy bones! Get out of bed early, wrap up and get yourself to the Farmer’s Market on the corner of Alveston and Kassia roads in Shongweni next Saturday – where you can let the warm sun, hot coffee, friendly atmosphere, happy people and cute mutts slowly defrost you and kick-start your weekend!

Tel Christine on 031 777 1554 for more info


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