So literally a day after posting Black Mamba Vs Superjerm, my man is at it again – he left for a long ride in the valley early this morning. Only this time, he’s not doing a little 4 hour sight-seeing ride, he’s doing the Big Daddy ride. Now, it hasn’t been given the name Big Daddy for nothing – with the course mapped out by Superjerm himself (and with a little help from Google Earth),the track consists of some 115km and 3000m of climbing.  We were going to call it Big Mother because of all the big mother-you-know-what hills but we thought it may be a little disrespectful so we called it Big Daddy instead.  It’s one of those rides you only want to do once in your lifetime. However, my husband, will do it a second time. We did this ride as part of our biggest training week for Epic and the whole ordeal took us nothing less than 10 hours. I reckon it will take him 6 hours. We’ll have to wait and see won’t we…but please can no Black Mamba’s attack him today, or any other reptiles or any scary looking arachnids.


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