Spain’s Xabi Alonso has called for the vuvuzela to be banned from the 2010 FIFA World Cup. “Those trumpets? That noise I don’t like,” said Zabi. “FIFA must ban those things, it is not distracting, but it is not nice to have a noise like that.”

Well, there are quite a few things I don’t like but I have to keep in mind that the majority of people perhaps do. Alonso is of course entitled to his opinion, but I think it’s quite arrogant of him to “call for the vuvuzela to be banned”. If you take away the vuvuzela, you take away the essence of the soccer fan. The vuvuzela is to soccer like the siesta is to Spain.

Ban the vuvuzela? I think not.

In reply to a fed up journalist who complained about the vuvuzela’s noise, the FIFA president smiled and agreed that it’s a noisy instrument. “But that’s what African and South African football is all about – noise, excitement, dancing, shouting and enjoyment. This is a celebration.”

The Mercury

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