The other night, over a glass of red wine, my man and I started chatting about the do’s and don’ts of “meetings”.  Sad but true.  I just love business though and I could talk about it all night, especially if you throw a glass of red wine in the mix!  So we brainstormed a few points, each one seeming better and more important than the last. They are in no particular order…just in the order that I remember them…so I guess that is an order then?…moving on…

  1. Unless you are going into labour, there is no excuse for being late. Rather be a little early. You don’t have to burn the rubber off your tyres to get there on time, you just need to leave your office timeously and make sure you know where North and South are.
  2. Don’t ask for precise directions either. Just get the address and then use your own initiative to find the place. You might think that’s a bit of an arb point but the real point is that you don’t want to take up someone’s time by asking for directions when you could easily go onto Braby’s and get them yourself. Initiative people, initiative!
  3. Dress the dress. If you’re a plumber you may be forgiven for donning your sexiest overalls and work boots but if you’re a financial advisor, you’ll be expected to look like a Versace intern.
  4. Research the company you’re meeting with. Really. Do it. It’s impressive.
  5. Turn your cell-phone off. You wouldn’t want to be cut off by your latest cutesy wutesy ringtone. Not cool.
  6. Know the name of the person you are meeting with and then don’t forget it. You should also avoid terms of endearment such as shortening the person’s name or calling them “my love” or “cuzzi“.
  7. Know your stuff if you want to sell your stuff and earn a great commission. I went to buy face cream at Edgars this week and the salesperson couldn’t tell me the difference between the day cream and the night cream:

Me: “Why do I need a night cream and a day cream?”

Salesperson-who-knows-jack-shyt: “Well, the one cream you put on in the day and the other cream you put on in the evening.”

Really hay? I would never have guessed!

Me: “Yes, but what exactly makes them different?”

Salesperson-who-knows-jack-shyt: Well, the creams target the different needs of your skin in the day and in the night.

Help me someone! Anyone..

These are a few simple little things that you can do to impress a client and win some of their business. Conversely, you could disappoint in several key areas and sell a whole bunch of fresh nothing!  My advice – use points 1 through 7.

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