Walking down the  biscuits and cereal aisle at Spar can be a painful experience for me. Inner Monologue: Should I get the Zoo biscuits, shouldn’t I get the Zoo biscuits. Should I, shouldn’t I? Yes No Yes No Yes….No! But it’s just one little treat. No I’m going to get fat. Uggh, bugger it, what’s an extra kg.

So I bought some Zoo’s the other day and I was completely horrified at the state of my little iced animals. The Monkey looked like a jellyfish and the Buck like a boomerang. What has happened to them? They were either off-centre or unrecognisable. The animals actually look quite scary..maybe they should call them Boo! Biscuits (sorry couldn’t help it). Seriously, these animals used to be so perfect, and lately they’ve just become big white scary splotches. What’s up Mr. Baker man?



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