Yes, the recession is real but fear not. We would like to give you some real saving tips that will make a huge difference to your budget. Money saving tips is very much like diet tips: We all know what not to do yet we still get it wrong. For these tips to work, you actually need to implement them:

  1. Monthly Dinner Club. Get a few friends/couples involved and take turns to entertain instead of going to a restaurant.
  2. When inviting friends for supper, choose delicious budget meals like soup or potjiekos that won’t leave a hole in your wallet. These meals will be a great treat during the cold winter months. Remember, nights like these are not only about the food, but about the company.
  3. If you want to meet somewhere for drinks, do it during happy hour.
  4. Instead of spending more than you bargained for at the movies, organise a DVD or games evening. Get your friends to each contribute snacks like popcorn, chips & dip, drinks etc.
  5. If you really feel like a big screen experience, go on a Wednesday night when NuMetro has a discount evening.
  6. Get your friends to join you for a picnic where each one is responsible for his own snacks and drinks. Take a blanket, games like chess or a ball for the kids to kick around and have a lazy outdoors afternoon instead of hanging around in a mall that will eventually cost you money.
  7. Cut down on take-away meals and start doing some wholesome cooking!

Put this into action for at least a month or two and let us know how this is working for you. Better yet, send us some of your own money saving ideas!

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