Going green can be quite overwhelming. I’ve chosen 3 practical green tips that are quite easy to pull off, so you have no excuse!

  1. Don’t fill up the kettle if you want to make only one cup of tea. Boil just enough to cover your immediate need.
  2. Replace one meal a week by a light vegetarian meal or fruit/salad. Giving up meat altogether is not for everyone, but skipping a meaty meal is very possible. Not only will you save more of the earth’s resources but this will also give you a good idea of your own overconsumption – we are capable of functioning on much less food.
  3. Fruit is seasonal and we need to respect that. Besides the fact that you are being overcharged for fruit that is out of season, it has a huge impact on the environment due to the shipping that is involved.

Not too much to ask, is it?

Reference: Going Green: 365 Ways to Change our World by Simon Gear.

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