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SA issues being addressed

President Jacob Zuma has implied that the government will not go back on its word to better the public sector’s salaries, but also mentioned that bad service is totally unacceptable. During SABC‘s interview with Zuma last night he promised to sort out the wage grievances among the police and doctors, and also said that the improvement of education and health and the strengthening of our police force take priority.

Zuma wants to ensure that the police is equipped to fight crime successfully. “One of the things is the remuneration of the police force,” he said. “It has to be decent if they are to do their work. We need to invest here.”

Zuma also said that education is the most important issue to address if we want to empower SA, and I can’t agree more. “It’s critical. If you succeed in education you will address other issues which are there because people are not sufficiently empowered,” he said, adding that he is planning to visit school principals personally.

Acknowledging the need for a “change of culture” in the government, Zuma said that government works slowly and he would rather it work properly. Did you ever imagine even the possibility of this happening? “If a document has to be signed today, it must be signed today,” he said.

All I can say at this point is: I like.

Reference: Independent Online

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