Cell phones are great but they are also one of the rudest pieces of equipment on the planet. I’m sure you’ve all had the experience of talking to a friend or colleague and then being cut-off mid-sentence so that they can answer their phone and start a conversation with someone else! It drives me nuts, especially when it happens repetitively and you have to start your story all over again. It’s just like interrupting someone when they’re talking!

If you have to answer your phone in the middle of a conversation then why not just politely ask the person on the other end if they mind if you call them back? And trust me, they won’t mind! If you’re in a business meeting with an important client, rather turn your cell phone off and then return any messages afterwards.  Cutting off a business conversation during a meeting or sales pitch to answer a phone call – business or social, is just silly if you ask me (especially if you proceed to have a big charlie chat). You could lose a potential client, a potential sale and just downright piss a client off! So cell phones are great but just remember to be courteous to those who you are having a conversation with.

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