Bulls’ Super 14 Victory
To be honest, I don’t have a cooking clue what’s happening in rugby but what I do know is that the Bulls played the Crusaders this weekend and we won, which means that all the radical rugby supporters are probably still on a bit of a high this morning (perhaps even slightly hung-over). I heard the boys mention something about Morné Steyn and Someone Spies that did a great job – good on ya! When we win (any sport, for that matter), it places South Africa in the spotlight and this is where I come in – I love it when SA gets recognition! Go Bulls!
Reference: Supersport

With the highs and the lows of the Comrades still fresh on our minds we salute Stephen Muzhingi who came in first and finished the race in only 5:23:26, the second fastest time in history! He came third last year and is quite fixed on breaking the record in 2010.
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Injured South African conquers Mount Everest
This achievement makes Robby Kojetin the 17th South African since 1953 to kill the Everest Beast. He was thrilled to reach the Nepalese mountain peak yesterday at 09:40 as it was a dream he pursued for 14 years! He named this journey his Climb of Hope; a mission to raise awareness of lymphoma and funds for Choc, the Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA.

“After breaking bones in both my feet preparing for this climb, there were moments I thought I would never get here, but here I am and it feels wonderful. I stand here for all those who have to face such tremendous obstacles in overcoming cancer,” he said.

Brave and compassionate man, our Robby!
Reference: Sunday Tribune

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