Guess what! Jem and I are doing the Comrades Marathon next year. Yes we are folks…Eeeeek! We watched the runners in Kloof yesterday and found ourselves inspired by everyone taking part. A rainbow nation of runners took to the streets: Young and old, skinny and plump, black and white, locals and internationals, strong and the not-so-strong, they all took up the physical and emotional challenge of the Comrades Marathon and now Jem and I want to do it together too. Loopy? Uh…Very.

Although Jem has one Comrades under his belt already, it would be a totally new challenge for me. I haven’t run further than 30km in my life but I guess that’s going to change in the next week because we’re off to Scotland on Thursday to do the Edinburgh Marathon. We’re hardly prepared for it so I think it’s going to be very much a run-walk-hobble type of experience for the two of us. So excited though! We’re also going to Glasgow to stay with one of my best friends, the beautiful and outrageously funny Amanda. Also a dietician, she did her post-grad year here with us in 2003 and we became friends for life, just love her! And then we’re going to meander up north, take lots of photos, drink a wee dram and take in the scenery of the highlands. The photo I would really like to get though (but so isn’t going to happen) is one of Jem donning a traditional kilt and running down a lush green mountainside. Heee!

Anyway, back to the challenge of the Comrades. So who is keen for 2010? And if you’re not a runner, never fear because from watching the race yesterday, I can say with 100% certainty that anyone can do this race, it’s just a matter of training. Most of our Epic co-riders don’t seem to be too interested though :( but Jem says the training would be less than that of Epic. So c’mon guys, let’s make a Phuthu Punter team!

P.S Went to see The Reader at Cinema Nouveau on Saturday night. You have got to see this movie; it is brilliant, long but brilliant! Jem and I were discussing it over sushi afterwards and all the way home (it’s that good). Plus, Kate Winslet received an Academy Award for her performance. Ralph Fiennes and David Kross also give exceptional performances. So put it on the “to see urgently” list.

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