I get a huge kick from doing this post on Monday mornings. We often attend socials over the weekend and, way too often for my liking, come across a wet blanket or two that are extremely negative about this country. Where’s the love? So, when I click the “publish” button early on a Monday morning, I do it with much enthusiasm.. and yes, perhaps even with a tad of aggression. South Africa does have some issues that need to be addressed urgently, and it’s happening, so fill that half-full glass of yours and check it out:

Army to assist in fighting crime
In an interview with the Sunday Independent, Minister of Police Nathi Mthethwa said that the police might have to be released from certain tasks such as cash-in-transits, for example, so that they can focus their time and energy where it’s needed. “We need police visibility, that unit needs to be strengthened”. He also mentioned that at least 10 000 police officers will be appointed yearly and that crime intelligence must be improved – a specialised programme to retrain detectives in forensics has been put in place. The police needs to follow a more aggressive approach in defending themselves, he said.

Now, this is the kind of talk we want to hear!
Reference: Mail & Guardian

FW de Klerk positive about SA’s future
Zuma’s cabinet carries De Klerk’s stamp of approval. The appointments of Trevor Manuel, Pravin Gordhan and Tokyo Sexwale were all good moves, he said. FW, who was one of the key people in the smooth transition to democracy said he is positive that Zuma will be able to bring change.
Reference: SA Good News

Cabinet feels charity starts at home
Zuma made South Africa his priority rather than promoting the country’s role outside its borders; his top priorities being health, education, crime, land reform and job creation – all aspects that many other countries take for granted. “And herein lies Zuma’s balancing act. On the one hand he must show effective change to the electorate, on the other he must show the market that conservative and prudent policy-making is still in place.”
Reference: SA Good News

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