I dragged my body out of bed half-heartedly this morning and switched on the radio in a desperate attempt to find a tune to wake-up to. Somewhere between staring at the wall and dunking a rusk, I heard them mentioning the Jeremy Mansfield cancer battle. His struggle has been covered widely throughout the media; I even received a chain email with regards to it.

This is what I so love about this country, the fact that everyone gets involved, from journo’s and dj’s to housewives and executives. We talk about it, we pray about it, we take action and we follow up. We care.

South Africans are also so forgiving. If a local hot shot gets himself into a tight spot by doing the unthinkable and then comes clean and confesses humbly, South Africans usually stand waiting with outstretched arms, ready to offer their loyal support once again.

What a loving bunch of people we are!


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