It seems that the racism card gets played every time a sticky situation comes up. It’s always the scapegoat. Why don’t people engage in intelligent debates and conversations instead of resorting to conclusions about race? I think people often generalise and blame racism due to the lack of a better argument. Racism is just so tired and old school.

Apartheid is something of the past – it happened, get over it. Blacks feel done in and the whites’ feathers were ruffled when their comfy lives were affected by change. There is so much potential in this country, if only people would start working in unity opposed to working against each other – We are all in the same team, we all want the same things. The situation can obviously not change overnight but by addressing the right issues we can, over a period of time, have a more balanced population where everyone gets a place in the sun. What I desire is for all people to get the same treatment as we are all deserving, one is not better than the other.

If you are still a racist after all these years I suggest you get your passport ready and book a ticket out of here as we don’t need people like you in this country. We want people that are positive, that can adjust to change and that are prepared to fight to make this country a better place.

It is Zuma’s inauguration tomorrow; he is our new president whether it carries our stamp of approval or not. We can give in to pessimism and be miserable or we can accept it and support him. By supporting him we are supporting our country, by fighting him we are bringing division. A country divided cannot achieve success. We are at a good place right now; with democracy in action and our new president on his best behaviour (the DA is eyeballing him bigtime) I have hope for a better future. And hope is damn good for the soul.

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