From time to time I experience mountain-biking-mojo-deficiency. I’ll wake-up in the morning and wish for torrential downfalls, bolts of lightning, dark puffy clouds and below freezing temperatures, all so that I can boycott the race and stay in bed! Alas, this never happens when my mojo curve is down. Ever. The only sight that greets me when I draw back the curtains is one of utter glee – the birds tweeting and the sun shining. Demmmit!

So yesterday morning my mountain biking mojo deserted me in a big way but of course there were no torrential downfalls to justify lazing around in bed. We headed up to Pietermaritzburg to do the Maverick 40km race around parts of the course they used for the UCI World Cup Event last month.

They didn’t advertise the race very well and so it wasn’t surprising to see so few people there. Hint: next time put the race details and starting time on your website…it might help.

Anyway, a few top riders such as Brandon Stewart and Craig Paul graced the start line but the professional ladies were no where to be seen.

My race didn’t get off to a good start. As I went around the first corner, some idiot nearly took me out – he leaned into me with his arm and shoulder and nearly caused a big scene. He didn’t even turn around to say sorry. How dare he?

“Chopper” I yelled. What a frikkin turkey!

Things did get better from there though, I passed the two ladies that were in front of me and started making a nice gap on them. My mojo returned and even my legs and lungs felt good which was a bit of surprise considering I ran 16km the day before. I was even riding the technical single track like a professional, bar the sound effects:

“Eeeek, eeeek, ooh, eish eish, sjoe, sjoe, I made it, sjoe, I made it” I knew I could make it, I’m a professional! Got to stop those ridiculous noises though!

There were at least 3 obstacles where I thought I was going to dismount with disastrous consequences…but I didn’t, heeee and so my mojo went into overdrive.

Nearing the finish, I could hear the announcer saying “We’re still waiting for our first lady home and I have a feeling that it will be Debbie Hughes.” Debbie Hughes? Sorry to disappoint you buddy but it’s not going to be Debbie today! It’s going to be meeeee! Yipeeee!.

I won eight hundred buckeroos and a lucky draw prize on top of that! Jem did really well too, coming in 13 minutes before me. Well done hunni!

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