I don’t like complicated things and so when it comes to cellphones, I’ve always just gone for the simplest ones -  the ones where you can make calls, send sms’s and drop… onto hard surfaces countless times. That’s my kind of phone. So when Jem came home the other day with an iPhone in hand, it didn’t really interest me too much. Besides that, I thought why the hell did he get such a fancy phone anyway?  You can’t have something fancy that’s also simple, it just doesnt go and Jem likes simple phones too. Anyway, he clearly got a little techno phobic after his undoubtedly impulsive purchase because the phone sat on the kitchen table for weeks! Eventually, he insisted that I take the phone and use it because he realised it was “not the right type of phone for him”. But you haven’t even tried it?

Hesitant about the whole thing, I started chatting to a couple of friends who also had iPhones. They raved about them – the only real quirk (for me) being that the phone couldn’t send mms’s but apparently soon to be released software will clear that glitch.  So after coming to grips with the thought of using a fancy phone, I decided to take the plunge. Gotta push your own envelope every now and then don’t ya? Yup!

Besides, the move to the iPhone would be in-line with my 2009 goal of learning how to surf the net with my cell phone (yup, that was a goal if you can believe it). So I got the phone activated and I have been AMAZED ever since – it’s fancy but simple. I actually should have known it would be easy to use, the people at Apple always design intuitively.  I can’t stop raving about it. I keep finding new things everyday:

“Hey Jem check this!” I would say incredulously “it’s got a magnifying glass! Woweeeee!”

“mmm, wow hay!” Jem would reply.

And the next day again: “Hey Jem check this!”..

The best experience with my iPhone so far though (only had it 4 days) was when I made a trip to Woolies and landed up in one of those queues that snake around the aisles and you land up freezing your butt off because you didn’t take a jersey to deal with their -50 degree frikkin air-cons. Anyway, so you know the kinda queue I’m talking about then. All of a sudden, standing there in the queue it dawned on me that I had my iPhone with me. Relieved that I wouldn’t have to stare at a promo section of fattening desserts on my left and temptation alley sweets on my right, I whipped out my iPhone, hit the safari tab and went onto Phuthu.co.za, not because I wanted to check anything in particular but just because I could. I must say I also felt so “businesswoman” flicking and tapping the screen. Don’t mess with me, I’m a businesswoman with an iPhone and I know how to use it ! It doesn’t matter that it took the entire length of the queue to get the full page loaded, what matters is that it loaded!

The iPhone rocks! And the lesson here is that you can often be pleasantly surprised by something that you previously thought was “too difficult”

I have yet to add applications to my iphone but there are soooooo many you can get from the App store- some wonderful and some just weird. Check it out


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