I went away for the Easter weekend, my destination – Rustenburg in North West Province.
Yes, R-u-s-t-e-n-b-u-r-g.

I grew up in Rustenburg, which means I’m very aware of the fact that everyone knows everything about everyone else – small town syndrome. Nothing is a secret in this town – well, I still think of it as a town but it’s now a city. Needless to say, the only thing I looked forward to on my way there was getting back to Durbs. Bad attitude, I know.

I was pleasantly surprised – perhaps due to my lack of expectation? It was such a cosy, suburban kinda visit with the grownups – this unfortunately includes me – sitting on a blanket in the shade of a big Oak tree while the kids were playing outside carefree. Nothing extremely exciting about this; it was the company and the innocence and fullness of the moment that made this so special. This is what I really love about living in South Africa… to be around people I truly love and care for. For that moment we could all forget about the issues we get bombarded with daily and embrace the day.

I live for moments like this…


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