Well, with it being Easter Weekend and everything, I thought it apt to share one of the things I love about living in South Africa. It’s called the Beacon Marshmallow Easter Egg. There is something highly addictive in these eggs and all I can say is thank goodness Easter is only celebrated once a year. If only they could put that secret ingredient into tap water and apples, Easter would be a healthier time for all. I’m not crazy for marshmallows and I’m not crazy for plain chocolate either but the combo plus the secret ingredient sends my taste buds into a piranha-type frenzy! And you can’t just have one. No nee no no. Two or three, no less.

Occasionally you get the not-so-fresh marshmallow eggs. Ever had that? My husband thought I was crazy when I mentioned “stale Easter eggs”.

“Heh, you don’t get stale Easter Eggs” he said.

“Oh yes you do” I said defensively.

“They are all packaged the same though” he said in a logical kind of voice.

“I have eaten enough Easter Eggs to know my Easter Eggs”, I procalimed.

There’s nothing like Beacon Consumer Services to get the facts straight.

“Hi, I’ve bought quite a few Easter eggs recently that have tasted stale” I stated.

“Grainy?”, the consumer guy asked.

“Yes grainy, almost crystallised”, I replied

“Yes, that is quite common and it’s got to do with the storage temperature and…this…and…that…” he carried on.

I knew that I knew my Easter eggs. Can’ wait to tell Jem. :)

I felt quite chuffed with myself – Not only did I get confirmation that Easter Eggs can in fact go stale but I also got a Beacon voucher. Heeee!

Happy Easter everyone, enjoy the Easter eggs, have an awesome long weekend and drive safely!


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