You’ve probably heard it all (and I’ve whined about it enough). By now you surely know whether you are planning to get up and make your mark on the 22nd. Or not. If you fall in the last category… well, shame on you. If you’re planning on voting – you are the kind of person we want in this country! Before I get going again, this is actually just a reminder to vote (and it’s doubling up as our Monthly Challenge).

You know what to do – go do it:
Date: 22 April 2009

Am I registered?
Enter your ID Number online, or sms your ID Number to 32810.

Where do I vote?
Voting stations.

Voting abroad?

  1. Check whether your VEC10 notification has been successful.
  2. Take your green bar-coded ID book and passport and apply to cast your special vote on 15 April 2009 -  foreign mission closest to you.
  3. You will need to complete a VEC1 form when voting abroad, to save time you may complete the form and take it with you on the 15th.
  4. Alternatively vote on 20 or 21 April 2009 before you leave SA at your voting station.
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