Yesterday I mentioned the book “Going Green” which gives simple ways to do your bit for the environment. Now, although I haven’t read the book I’m sure that there must be a piece in there on Commuting…which brings me to the latest find by – a service in San Francisco called Wi-Drive (created by Bauer’s Worldwide Transportation) which offers a ride to work in a luxury eco-bus. It’s interesting to see how “Green Law” is coming into effect with San Francisco now actually requiring all companies who employ more than 20 staff, to offer a transit benefit program to support eco-friendly commuting.

The 52-seat luxury bus which runs on either CNG, propane or bio-fuel, is meant to target professionals who would never consider using public transport to get to work. And with LCD screens, ports for iPods and phones, leather seats, tables, food and beverages as well as leather seats, these buses definitely embody a luxurious ride.

This is something that could be offered to large organisations in South Africa as well as to smaller companies in a business district. Entrepreneurs looking for different ideas – here you go! Entrepreneurs looking for eco-ideas – here you go!

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