We live in a beautiful country, this alone is enough to make us start our day with a smile!  If we can add financial freedom to our list, it means we can automatically tick the “peace of mind” box as well (I sound like Suze Orman!). Saving money is easy, the difficult part comes in when we need to be disciplined and say No.

Herewith a few tips that will help you to stretch your money, which means more moola in your savings account:

1. Organise your day so that you don’t have to drive back and forth to the school, shops, work etc.
2. Pack home-made lunches instead of buying take-aways and snacks.
3. Make your own gifts and birthday (and other) cards.
4. As soon as your salary gets paid in, prioritise: Pay all your debt, save at least 10% and divide the rest into 4 (or 5 when you have a 5-week month), this way you know what you are allowed to spend weekly (you don’t have to spend it all though).
5. Make your own baby food, blend and freeze it in ice cube trays, take out only what you need for the day.
6. If you stop smoking, you might be able to buy a cheap pozzie somewhere in South Africa!
7. Grow your own veggies and / or herbs.


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