The Epic course designer goes by the name of “Dr.Evil” and aptly so because he does evil things! Today we were about 3km from home (we could see the town it was so close) and Dr. Evil took us off the relaxing district road that we were meandering along and sent us up the mountain..and up..and up some more..and then down…and then up some more. Needless to say I thought of a lot more descriptive names than “Dr.Evil“.
We were on the bike for 7 hours today and up until the last 3km, we loved every minute. Thereafter we cursed a bit.
Eish… the leaders got a one hour time penalty today and won’t even make a podium finish… bummer!
I had a little fall today, was actually quite funny. I had just come out of the water stop and the premium package hosts (all varsity students) were shouting our names, “Go Jeremyyyyyyyy, go Louiseeeeee, woooo hoooooo”.  I got terribly excited by their cheering and then to add to the excitment, I had a packet of Jelly Tots in the other hand waiting to be devoured and before I knew it I had lost my concentration and crashed into another cyclist who had stopped on the side of the road. Doh! It was worth it though.
Anyway, we’re over the “hump” of the Epic, 4 days down and 3 to go!  And I have no chafe.


Us at the start.


Varsity students cheering for us. This is when I got a little excited.


Up we go again.


Cursing Dr. Evil.

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