Seeing that the Boss Lady is busy killing herself at the Epic, I might as well take advantage of the situation and make myself comfortable on the leather couch. I pour myself a cup of rooibos tea, put my feet up, close my eyes and go into thinking mode.

What do I love about this country?

There is so much that I can say, things that you have probably all heard before. I can use beautiful clichés that will make you reach for the bucket or get seriously cheesy. I choose to be honest, if it comes across as being cheesy, you just need to deal with it.

As I was thinking about this country, my thoughts wandered off to the Bushveld, bon fires, sunsets, thorn trees, the jovial background noise of friends, cooler boxes, Springbokkies (shooters), rugby…
From here my thoughts automatically took the trail to Harties (Hartebeespoort Dam) where I could envision loads of craft stalls, sailboats, a middle-aged  man with a big beer boep, Dozi, and a bush pub where I was just about to order something to drink…
when my thoughts did a predictable one-eighty degree turn down to Cape Town, Camps Bay,  the colourful accent of the Capies, the buzzing vibe, drumming, a very blue but cold ocean, Blouberg, Kalk Bay, Tieties Bay, kite surfing, fynbos…  and I realised it’s the familiarity that makes me feel so at home. It’s like an old pair of leather shoes – so comfy!

If I live anywhere else I simply won’t be able to connect.


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