1. Kulula.com seriously needs some new jokes.
2. I love Cape Town
3. I love Cape Town
4. I love Cape Town 

There are so many tourists in Cape Town. Yesterday, we stopped for directions (even though Jem does know his way around Cape Town) and a German guy told us where to go, “You just go up za rhoad and down za uzzer side and zhere it is on your left”. Both of us totally missed everything he said, we were just in a total awe of the bizareness of the situation. Even sitting at a restaurant, we heard American twangs in the distance and French accents here and there. We were also the token South Africans at the B&B, everyone else was either Italian, German or English. Even the owner of the bed and breakfast is English. He is an enthsusiastic, camp looking kind of guy but he is great! This B&B is real cutesy, it even had a little welcome sign for new guests. Sweeeeeeet!

I usually judge B&B’s on their linen – white linen that hasn’t been overwashed gets the thumbs up. Duvet covers with a faded Zebra print are a no no. Sheets that have been through the washing machine so many times that they develop little bobbles, are also a big no no. Parker Cottage, thank goodness, gets the thumbs up. I can’t imagine any metrosexual with a liking for animal print, so we should be quite safe with the linen aspect in Cape Town.

Other than that, I just love Cape Town. Its beautiful, cosmopolitan and quirky all at the same time.

Admin for today: Register and put new disc brake rotors on – they got bent in transit and they are the only spares we didn’t pack. Murphy is never far away is he!

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