South Africans seeking to emigrate to New Zealand or Australia might have to return home as they are now giving priority to locals in the job market.  Australia has reduced the number of skilled migrants they will accept into the country.

Daniel Labuschagne and his family have been kicked out of New Zealand after the new ruling; the family were deported back to South Africa. Other families who immigrated to New Zealand and Australia are facing a similar scenario.

I came accross this article on the internet and my first reaction was: Yes! Come back home! After reading the whole story though, I must admit that I actually feel very sorry for the families that made New Zealand or Australia their new home and are now being kicked out – they probably feel quite lost at the moment  - although they’re not allowed to stay, it doesn’t neccessarily mean that they are keen to come back. That’s where we come in, we’ll remind you of all the good things you’re coming back to!

Reference: The Times

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