Ahh Splashy, good memories, great company and who would ever ask for a more magical setting with the towering mountains on the one side and a refreshing river on the other. This is truly an experience for the outdoor and adventurous but don’t think that you will be there alone, oh no, Splashy Fen has grown to become one of the country’s most featured music celebrations.
It all started back in 1990 with Peter Ferraz and Almary, these two had a dream of creating a music festival, which became a reality in October of that year. They had only planned on having 200 visitors to their very rustic setting but ended up with a crowd of 1200, the equipment was basic and the atmosphere was relaxed and soulful, with a canopy of stars overhead and the scent of crisp fresh  air. Splashy started off as a gathering of mainly music lovers and musicians and has grown phenomenally since then; it is now an annual event held over the Easter weekend and draws musicians, traders and visitors from all over South Africa.
Most visitors are drawn to Splashy by the bands, but there are many things that you can do other than listen to music. There is the very popular Splashy village where traders display their goods and mind you, some of these goods are very interesting indeed; there is horse riding, hiking, mountain biking (if you bring your own bike) and the very popular river, otherwise known as “The Beach”, lylos, armbands  and tubes are always welcome there. If you prefer the quieter scene, then you can always sit back and entertain yourself by watching the people and there are some very interesting characters from Hippies, Mad Party Animals, Musicians, Artists, Rebellious Students to the Larneys decked out with their 4×4’s, caravans and skottels!
None the less everyone is there for the same reason… to be a part of the Splashy experience. There is always that sadness when the crowds start packing up to leave, where somewhere in the distance the words, “until next year” echo! There is no doubt in my mind that you will leave the Splashy Fen farm having your spirits lifted by experiencing a truly different and magical weekend away!

9th April to the 13th April 2009 – Underberg, South Africa


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