You know that song Poker Face by Lady Gaga? Meow! I love it. It’s got oodles of rhythm and vuma, so much so that I reckon if Queen Elizabeth had to hear that in private, she would get up and pull out some Saturday Night Fever moves. And Philip, aah Philip you precious thing, he would be right there too doing his little jingle.

We came home from dinner last night to hear Poker Face playing on MTVOh Yeah! All of a sudden, my third personality – Disco Dancing Diva Wannabe – took over and I started dancing my way up the stairs, tapping my feet and singing.. “p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face, mum mum mum mah!” Our little felines Frank and George just looked at me as if to say “Uuuh, you’re NOT at a night club mom!” Whatever.

I left my handbag on the table so that I could really bust out the moves. I grabbed the remote – PVR’d the song back to the beginning and put the volume up – way up.  Oh yes, I did the shoulder shrugging, the elbow nudging, the Shakira hip/butt thrust (tried to), and my own spontaneous choreography all with a ton of J Lo attitude. “p-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face, mum mum mum mah!”

The air-con was on full – I was working up quite a sweat. I let my hair down and the gust of air blew it back like I was having a Loreal photo shoot. I pouted (couldn’t resist) in the glass window whilst making wave-like arm movements towards the air-con. Neighbours – that was some free entertainment for you, it’s a pleasure –  I know there was kak on DSTV. Next time, I’ll give you some warning and you can get settled in with a box of microwave popcorn.

It’s SuperJ’s favourite song at the moment too – I glanced over and he was getting in the groove himself, doing the Egyptian-head-moving thing whilst reading the newspaper. “Go baby, woooo hooo, walk like an Egyptiiiiiian” I belted out from the other side of the lounge.

Sjoe! What a workout! Check out Lady Gaga with this YouTube Clip

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