There is so much to pack for Epic. I received an Epic Kit list the other day and it contained no less than 79 items, ranging from anti-inflammatories and cleats to zip ties and space blankets. Space Blankets? Please, please say that we are not going to be out there for that long.

Beside the 79 items on the list I have got a couple of other things including  Traumeel injections which apparently work magic! We haven’t tried them yet but I have heard a number of people swear by them. They are homoeopathic and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Superjerm is not afraid of needles, he gives us Vitamin B12 shots every 3-4 weeks so he’ll be able to administer the Traumeel shots as well. I on the other hand need a cup of sweet tea and a blankie before a needle comes anywhere near me. Okay I don’t really need the blankie.

B12 (and Traumeel) injections are intramuscular so that means the needle cuts deep. Superjerm feels confident about injecting into the thigh, so that’s were we always have them. The routine is as follows: I sit on the couch and hug a cushion as if it were a long lost cousin. We hug for a long time. It’s a special relationship.  I make sure the cushion covers the peripheral vision to my right and that Superjerm is talking to me.

“Talk to me, quickly, start talking, this is no time for a comfortable silence!”

“So how is your brother?” Superjerm would say in his most chilled out voice, hoping it would relax me.

“He’s fine, next question – actually, no questions just talk”

” asd lkjnri sdfilsdflkjie, ldrknalritl, aalskdj, blskjhqeruty kwriunfasr aslrui l,gtth…”

“Is it nearly frikkin done already?” I’d ask in a desperate tone.

“Okay, there we go, well done”

‘Okay Fanks” and off I’d go to run a hot bath with an over-exaggerated limp in my right leg.

Just so you don’t think I am too much of a ninny, my heart doesn’t palpitate for spiders. Bet yours does! I can also do moles, chameleons and green tree frogs.

Snakes, translucent geckos and toads – I can tolerate if they’re not within a 100m radius of me.

Anyway, enough of Animal Planet.

I think the toughness of the race will make the daily injections seem like a piece of cake. Alternatively the mere thought may just turn me loopy. Something for Superjerm to look forward to.. ;)

Now whoever wrote this list is what we call uber organised! (see excerpt below)


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