Like any other (normal-functioning) woman, I love shopping! My husband however, is teaching me the finer skills of budgeting and I must admit, it’s working for me! The result is that I’m more at peace (secure in the knowing that we have what we need every month without the debt) and strangely…his nightmare episodes just stopped all of a sudden!

  1. Shop online. Shops like Pick n Pay have an online facility which means that you can do all your shopping barefoot and in the comfort of your home. Pour yourself a nice cup of coffee, plant yourself in front of the computer and buy what you need (according to your shopping list that should be next to your keyboard before you login – I know it’s a schlep but it works!). Online shopping prevents any impulsive buying and you would be amazed by what you save. If you have a tight budget it’s easy to stick to it as you can go back and delete items until the amount owed is to your satisfaction. It gets delivered to your house for a minimal fee.
  2. Buy with cash wherever you can (opposed to on account). Buying with cash enables you to shop from any store which means that you’re not limited to specific (more expensive) stores and offers you a wider variety to choose from. Also, you’re not likely to purchase items that you can’t afford.
  3. If your credit card is your best friend, remember to settle your account monthly. The bank mafia knows that most people won’t have the discipline to do this, so they get nailed on interest. Shop wisely. If there is something that you really, really just have to have, save up and buy it cash.
  4. Whether you shop online or in-store, compare prices, buy in bulk and look out for specials.
  5. If you must have a credit card, have only one (opposed to one at Virgin, Discovery and ABSA) and shop around before applying for your credit card.

“Money grows on the tree of patience.”  Proverb


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