I would like to let you in on a little secret of mine… Three weeks ago my partner told me that there was an opening spot in the Dale Carnegie course. Now I knew about the Dale Carnegie course through my partner’s mother, she does the bookings for the course and always rants and raves about the results saying that it does so much for your confidence and that you will be able to talk in public while keeping them interested.

Now listen to this….I on the other hand, forced myself to make a speech at my mother’s 60th birthday party recently, picture trembling hands holding a carefully thought out speech, topped off with ums and errs while constantly losing my place in the paragraph from which I was reading! I was so terrified and if it weren’t for the funny bits that I added into my written oral, I would have dropped dead from hyperventilation and it would have turned out to be a lifelong embarrassment and a day to forget. For me the mere thought of forcing myself to stand up in front of strangers was a definite no no, especially when I couldn’t even stand up in front of my very own family to talk.

Well I decided to go ahead and I’m in my third week of the course now. Last week I made a two minute speech without any written notes, yes, nothing was memorised and although I was nervous about the whole ordeal it came out without the stuttering that I expected. What we are basically taught is professional mannerisms in a business environment, how to win the trust of others, how to communicate a point to an audience and overall how to better yourself in your career. I already feel more motivated and confident in myself; I know what to do with the difficult clients, which is a great step for me being the push over person that I am. I can just imagine the results once I have finished the course.

I am taking part in one of many Dale Carnegie courses that are offered throughout South Africa and my suggestion to anyone reading this would be that no matter how good you think you may be with your clients, customers or patients there is always something that you don’t know that maybe your opposition does and by having that extra knowledge under your belt you may find that your business can reach its full potential!

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