Lala land is a place that only exists on Lala planet, a sphere in the distant realms of our imagination, or perhaps universe. It is a place where everything is pure, positive, pleasant, prosperous, perfect..everything is hunky happy dory. It is a place where, just like on, we can create a wishlist of the things we want.  Some people however believe that Lala Land really exists in certain towns/countries and are in full pursuit of it (please let us know when you find it). These are the same people who look for pots of gold at the end of every rainbow. For the wiser lot, the people who know that for every community there is a varying spectrum of do-gooders and slapgats, this article is for you – a place to list your wishes in full knowledge that they are just that, wishes – they may or may not come true.

Lala Land Code:

  1. Everyone is more friendly than the Tele Tubbies
  2. Everyone is happy, there is no road rage, no stealing, no murder, rape or aggression
  3. Children can ride their bicycles safely on pristine dirt roads, where marshmallow barriers cushion their every fall.
  4. Everyone earns a huge salary and they can afford the house they have always dreamed of.
  5. The president never makes any bad decisions.
  6. The president is not corrupt and is not susceptible to corruption.
  7. The president is intelligent and says intelligent things.
  8. No one takes drugs, in fact, no one has the slightest desire to take drugs.
  9. Couples only have sex once married and there is no infidelity
  10. There are no petrol increases
  11. Everyone votes (definite wish)
  12. No one litters, and if they do litter accidentally, then a Lala fairy comes along and places it in a bin.
  13. Cycle lanes are 3 meters wide and all cars pull over and put on their hazard lights at the mere sight of a rider
  14. Everything is biodegradable, has zero carbon emissions and is eco friendly
  15. Children will all have a bright future
  16. Everyone is healthy
  17. No one drinks and drives
  18. There are no car guards
  19. The grass is always green – wherever you find yourself
  20. The sun is always shining

Feel free to send us your Lala Land wishes and if they fit into the Lala Land code of happiness, we’ll add them!


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