I sometimes feel sorry for people who have a good reason for leaving SA – their decision often gets frowned upon, which is not always fair. We obviously don’t want to say goodbye to anyone, but sometimes you gotta do what you  gotta do and the following reasons make it ok (according to us) to do just that:

Business opportunities
If you’ve been made an offer that you simply can’t refuse and your family is all geared up to go, it would be unwise to let such an opportunity slip through your fingers. If you’ve thought it through properly (pros and cons) you have our stamp of approval – I’m sure that makes you feel so much better, now, doesn’t it? C’mon, admit it – you’re a big Phuthu fan!  Go make some good money, explore the other side of the world and come back, will you?

Personal growth
There is a big, wide world out there, places and cultures  to explore and people to meet. Why shouldn’t you? Whether you’re travelling around, working on a cruise ship, studying or working abroad to gain some life experience – it’s all good. But come back at some stage.

Financial reasons
If you’re struggling to make ends meet and can’t foresee it changing in the near future, it is totally acceptable to go elsewhere to make good money and more importantly, save up so that you can come back and invest that hard-earned cash in a business,  house etc.

If most of your family are living overseas and you find yourself here all by your lonesome, chances are your heart won’t really be in this country anyway. In a situation like this your life will probably be richer over there with your family, and that’s okay with us. Pack the umbrella and the poodle and go build yourself a life over there, but don’t forget us!

Although we all absolutely hate it when friends and family pack up and go, we need to understand that everyone has their own reasons for leaving and that it’s the best option for them at that specific point in time – they need our backing and friendship, unconditionally. If you’re on your way, we encourage you to embrace life wherever you are, to stay in touch (share your experiences with us) and when you’re ready, to please come back to sunny SA!

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