We all have something to say – who doesn’t love his own opinion? I would like to tell it like it is, unedited. If you are easily offended I suggest you move on to the Slangtionary for a good giggle.

  • Besides Lala Land, there is no such thing as a perfect place. You may run away from the problems in South Africa just to find different sets of problems in other countries.
  • Why are you leaving? Is your reason for packing-up a great business opportunity or do you have difficulties dealing with fear? If its fear you are struggling with, the bad news is that you will take it with you wherever you go (or run, rather – it comes from within) – this is something you have to deal with before you think about leaving.
  • It’s so easy to start seeing only the bad and miss out on all the good. Whatever we focus on, we become, or another way of putting it: Where the mind goes, the man follows. The quality of your life starts to take form in your mind. Trash in, trash out. If all you are taking in is the skop-skiet-and-donner stories happening around you, you will constantly live in fear. Don’t worry about things that may not even happen (today), you will lose out on many beautiful days. Try to get some balance. Yes, be informed. Yes, be cautious, but remember to be open to all the good things happening around you. Live for today – who, by worrying can add another day to their lives? We live in a beautiful country and not everyone is dodgy or has ulterior motives. We have great business opportunities, lovely weather and beautiful places to go. Start feeding your mind with some good stuff and deal with the not-so-good stuff when/if it happens!
  • Is your argument for leaving that you are doing it for your children? That you would like to move them to a neighbourhood where they can ride around on their bicycles the way you did back in the day? Although this is something we all want for our children, we need to keep in mind that there is much more to a child’s life than riding his bike in complete safety, especially if he has to give up his friends, family, opportunities, sport and lifestyle for this privilege. South Africa has changed and we have to move with the flow – forward – whether we like it or not. We can either use this opportunity to build our children’s character (by teaching them compassion and show them by example how they can make a difference in South Africa) or we can let them be as miserable as we are.
  • If you think that life is all about you and your family I unfortunately have to burst your bubble. From a purpose point of view, this is far from the truth. Of course your family and its needs are important and you should do everything in your ability to give them what they need (opposed to what they want) – this is your first priority as a father/parent. But when we get a glimpse of the millions around us living in poverty, the focus should move from self to how I can make a difference. Once we have a heart change we realise that life is indeed not only about making a cosy living somewhere, but about something much bigger. A life lived for a cause ends up to be a life richer than a life lived for self.

This is probably not what you wanted to hear or something you would like to share at your Book Club over a cuppa. I suppose I could’ve sugar-coated it a bit, but where’s the fun in that? The fact that I have my fingers on the keyboard and have you in a position where you can’t interrupt or backchat just made it a bit easier. On a more serious note – Please stay.

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