If you’re reading this it means that you’re thinking of leaving or know of someone that is. Or you just love reading. While there are some legitimate reasons for leaving, we much prefer you staying. If your head tells you to go but your heart is looking for a reason to stay, I will gladly assist:

  • If you are born and raised in SA, you will most definitely have strong roots here. The country has an incredible ability to shape and form one’s thoughts and perceptions and for this reason it’s quite natural and easy to relate to other South Africans, to share the same excitement, fears, hopes, language etc. You can simply not duplicate this process elsewhere and expect to be welcomed with open arms.
  • We have great weather and being South African, we always look for an excuse to have a braai which means friends and family, being outdoors, boerewors and good vibes.
  • South Africa needs you. Your qualifications, your vote, your time and energy – we need people that don’t mind getting down and dirty in making a difference i.e. doing whatever it takes to improve things over here.
  • Diversity – As a rainbow nation we have so many different cultures, all gathered under one sunny umbrella: Boertjies, Rooinekke, Xhosas, Sotho’s, Zulu’s, Capies and our very own Bollywood clang – what spice!
  • We have a beautiful country that offers a lot to be proud of – the proof is in the pudding: Tourists definitely look at our country as spectacular. So should we.

For me, it’s in my blood. It’s the energy, the rawness, the excitement of not quite knowing what to expect next, the people and the rhythm that makes me somewhat radical and strangely positive. I don’t know what the future holds, but for now, I choose to stay phut and fight the good fight. Hope you do too.

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