We’re the Sanders’ – a little family living in Durban, South Africa. Made up of me, MammaLou, the Superjerm, my hubby and little Tominator and Willinator (the hungry toes). We love this place madly…it’s so rich in so many ways and so imperfect in other ways.

Keeping active and being outdoors is part of our life, we couldn’t imagine it any other way. We have gorges, parks, rivers and dams right on our doorstep. You’ll read about many of our adventures here and we hope you enjoy reading them just as much as we have enjoyed experiencing them.

I started this blog over 4 years ago, initially as a fun platform to cultivate positivity about our Country . It’s been a lot of fun and a great way to express so many things. And as much as we love SA even we as a family have sometimes questioned why we still live here…especially during the recent crime wave. But somehow you move on and become optimistic again. Why? I don’t know. I guess it’s that intangible factor that keeps us here, the ruggedness, and the fact that it’s what we know as home.  Phuthu is now simply a family blog, where my husband and I chronicle our adventures together in South Africa. X

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