What is a Phuthu Punter (PP)?

  • A Phuthu Punter punts positivity in SA permanently! Sjoe!
  • A Phuthu Punter is passionate about South Africa, its people, its culture, its diversity.
  • Phuthu Punters tell their friends what a wonderful country South Africa is, that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side. They help to spread the happy news!
  • Phuthu Punters believe that South Africa provides a wealth of opportunity.
  • Phuthu Punters love living in South Africa.
  • Phuthu Punters appreciate the scope of what South Africa offers, in terms of places to see and things to experience.

How do I become a Phuthu Punter?

If you ticked yes to the above, you can consider yourself a phuthu punter! :) Congratulations!!!



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