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TomTom Turns 4

Our little TomTom turned 4 this past month and we thought there was no better party to throw for him than a “Come Dig with Me” party! It was completely up Tom and Will’s alley, with diggers and mixers and dump trucks dotted around the garden, not to mention the sand and spades and paintbrushes and the multitude of construction toys. It was a busy day with his birthday and party on the same day. Oh Boy!!

Construction Party 3

My beautiful co-worker and friend Marlise made this scrumptiously cute cake for us. I love friends that bake :)

Construction Party 10

Note the blue “exhaust” already attached to the wheelbarrow. My boy is obsessed with exhausts and attaches pipes, straws or anything else resembling an exhaust, to anything with wheels!!

Construction Party 12

There was a lot of work going on in the Dig Zone…

Construction Party 15

Construction Party-7374

Construction Party 17

“Boulders” ready and waiting for all the hungry construction workers!

Construction Party 25

Not to mention the “wood filler”, “spare parts”, “rafters” and “drill bits”!

Construction Party 30 Construction Party 31

We needed a “safety check area” as well as a caution to the parents about busy 4-year olds ahead! Couldn’t help myself hee hee.

Construction Party-7288

The birthday boy totally engrossed in his painting.

Construction Party-7334

And another little painter sorting out some water issues…Tom Tom still working hard :)

Construction Party-7333

Always the best part of a party – blowing out them candles! …TomTom’s wingman right next to him….

Construction Party-7362

And just to top off the sugar highs, I sent everyone home with a bucket of Whispers with chocolate money at the bottom. Their wages :)

Construction Party-7299

Happy Birthday my little builder. You enrich our lives with your sparkly eyes, endless curiosity and love for everyone!! A special little soul you are.

We love you more than you love exhausts. And that’s a lot of love right there.







Tom’s 3rd Birthday Party

That time of year has come and gone already and I’ve found myself repeating night after night, I must post Tom’s party pics, I must post those party pics.

I finally found a gap! :)

So here we are, Tom’s Vintage Train Party…

Grab yourself aTrain Ticket….

train tickets

train sign

My little station master is 3 already! Three years olds LOVE trains. and chocolate cake.

all aboard

railway crossing

Are you ready?

Firstly. There was so much yummy food!
How cute are these “coal pops?”

thomas coal pops and train

No really. How cute are these coal pops? They even have a slight shimmer!!! I’m telling you.

coal pops lantern

Railroad crossings….or aeroplanes according to Thomas.

railway crossing biscuits

train tracks

Tadaaaa. Cupcakes by yours truly. :)

train cupcake toppers

I did provide some healthy food.Like these cheese carriages…

Cheese carriages

And this cargo of cheese blocks.

And that was it.


Cheese Train

These could be considered healthy? A bit of coconut roughage? Maybe?

coconut clusters


Jem whipped this cardboard train up an hour before the party!!

toms cardboard train

It was a huge hit as you can see!

Thomas and Erin Train

What’s a train party without a train cake?

train cake

Well this has to be my favourite photo! It captures the super special bond between these two beautiful souls.

Tom with dad and candles

The cake was a hit too. As Will will attest. :)

Toms Vintage Train Party-5062

Don’t forget the train (and truck and Land Rover) workshop!

toms train workshop2

Oh Hello Birthday Boy! (Spot Will eating a sucker in the background. Bless)

Thomas blue tongue

Before leaving, you better cool down a bit…

cooling station

And make sure you catch the correct train.

Green Chalkboard

Pack some padkos….

steam wheels

And don’t forget to take your luggage either!

baggage claim

And always, always, watch for trains..

watch for trains

happy birthday banner

Happy 3rd Birthday our precious little conductor Thomas. The journey has been spectacular thus far. Let’s carry on with the fun and adventure and we’ll stop again at Station 4!

The biggest choo choo hugs and loves, Mom and Dad Xxx


Hello Sugarlump!



Men’s day at the Top gear show.

I’ve been looking forward to it all week. The plan was that it would be a men’s trip ( Tom told me last week that he was a man) to watch the top gear show.


The Moses Madiba stadium never fails to impress me, it surely has to be one of the most spectacular in the world?



Those top gear clowns were a hoot as always, the 3 wheeled car race was particularly funny!


No men’s day out is complete without an ice cream.


A wonderful day out with my precious firstborn, we both really enjoyed the quality time.

Big woo is just too little right now, i look forward to taking them both next year, after all little boys just love petrol powered machines!

This was the final result of a good day out….



TomTom’s 2nd Birthday – Rockets and Robots Theme

I can’t believe Tom has been around for 2 years already. Sometimes he seems so big and other times so small. Either way he’s just a bundle of squishy wishy pie cuteness at the moment.

This year I thought we’d fly the little guy to the moon with a Rockets and Robots party. Brace yourself, there are photos a-plenty below!

(Mands! This is for you!)

Take note of the Rocket backpack…how cute? This is why I love Pinterest. Hee.

The tominator eyeing out some more cake pops…

That would be these!

And these yummy yummy yummy Robopops.

Whats a party without your best buddy?! Wingman Willinator.

Hershey Kisses Choccies. Very very dangerous. Very.


The most beautiful rocket birthday cake not made by me. Outsourced all the way!! Hee Hee!

Tom Tom could not wait to dig in…as you can see! (Gabriella already taking the Astros off the side heh heh!)

BOO! Big Will trying to be scary!

The token healthy plate of eats at a toddler’s party :)

Rocket playdough favours for the little astronauts to take home. Playdough handmade by moi! Yes! Cooked, Rolled and Wrapped baby! Cooked, rolled and wrapped!

Remember these retro sherbert sweets? I couldn’t resist.



And what’s a party without a few girlfriends??



And how adorable are these little space babes below? Tell me you’re not feeling broody right now?
Mikey looking over the moon…excuse the pun moohah hah hah!! The subtext of this look is actually:
“Pass me one of those RoboPops now or I keeeeeel you!”


Thank-you everybody for trekking out in miserable weather to Akimbo to celebrate with us. Such special peoples!



When your house goes quiet…

Your husband comes home from work and there’s the routine reunion that ensues: Cats are cuddled, held upside down, Toms in dad’s firemans hold, it’s a bit hyper and the house is full of noise.

Then you get distracted and read an article in the paper and all of a sudden the house goes quiet. No Tom noise, no Jeremy noise, no cat noise. Nadas.

You walk around the house and there’s no sign of anybody. But you do hear the sound of a motorbike at the top of the road…and a few seconds later, in the distance you see your man on scoot with your baba.

And you just want to watch them without interrupting their little moment together, without them seeing you, just for a few minutes, just because you can and it makes you sigh with content.

But no, something tells you to hurry up and haul your 8 month pregnant ass upstairs – just picture it – to go get the camera.


Buzzing up and down our quiet little road in suburbia…just the two of them, tsssssaaaa!

I couldn’t really click away unnoticed….big ass lens, even bigger tummy, there was no camouflaging me!

Again Dad….


aaaaahh can you handle this picture? I got this look as if to say “I just need to ask daddy some very very important questions about exhausts, gears and motors…I’ll come for my bath now now see.”