Up until 3 months ago, I was high-fiving myself for not having to decorate a nursery. Bonus, one less thing to do this very busy year! I already ticked that box 4 years ago. Clever me. Chest pump.

So I really wasn’t re-doing the nursery…I had a perfectly good one waiting for its third use.

And then one day I had a look at things a little more closely….the carpets and the chair were looking a little, mmm well-used. The curtains had holes in them (sent them to the dry-cleaners and the result wasn’t pretty), and the mobile and felt wall hangings were in pieces. So with things looking a little shabby, plus, me having what is certainly my last baba, I thought this was my last chance to enjoy creating a new room for our baby bear :) I mean the baby would certainly be up in arms if it knew the curtains had holes in them! Wouldn’t you? Yuh see!

So I proceeded :) tra la la la la..

Firstly, let me just say that we kept the owl and the sheriff bunny from the previous nursery – they are too cute and too loved to live in any other home but ours (forever). I got a few prints laser-cut  but the words on the one below are especially for moi…when I feel tired and broken and I’m asking myself what I’ve done…I can read those words and know that tomorrow is a new day, and that even those sleepless nights will eventually pass. Because we all know that perspective eludes us mums sometimes…often.

Baby 3 Nursery_3

How cute are the little moccasins my friend bought me? And the little pine tree cushion!!? Tsaaaaa!!

Good frugal me (hee hee) just re-covered the chair and ottoman and refurbished the old clock. So it wasn’t all new, I re-loved the pre-loved :)

That deserves a chest pump, right?!

Baby 3 Nursery_2

Run wild. My boys are good at that and I have no doubt that this little one will be the same. Boy or girl!

Baby No 3_1

So your room is ready and waiting my little wolf cub! Whenever you’re ready, we’re ready. Your brothers talk about you all the time and promise to give you a dummy when you cry. So loved already, and we only know you as a big ball in mum’s tummy. Have a safe journey little one, we’ll see you soon. The biggest of loves, Mom, Dad, Tom and Will. X

Baby 3 Nursery

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