Our little TomTom turned 4 this past month and we thought there was no better party to throw for him than a “Come Dig with Me” party! It was completely up Tom and Will’s alley, with diggers and mixers and dump trucks dotted around the garden, not to mention the sand and spades and paintbrushes and the multitude of construction toys. It was a busy day with his birthday and party on the same day. Oh Boy!!

Construction Party 3

My beautiful co-worker and friend Marlise made this scrumptiously cute cake for us. I love friends that bake :)

Construction Party 10

Note the blue “exhaust” already attached to the wheelbarrow. My boy is obsessed with exhausts and attaches pipes, straws or anything else resembling an exhaust, to anything with wheels!!

Construction Party 12

There was a lot of work going on in the Dig Zone…

Construction Party 15

Construction Party-7374

Construction Party 17

“Boulders” ready and waiting for all the hungry construction workers!

Construction Party 25

Not to mention the “wood filler”, “spare parts”, “rafters” and “drill bits”!

Construction Party 30 Construction Party 31

We needed a “safety check area” as well as a caution to the parents about busy 4-year olds ahead! Couldn’t help myself hee hee.

Construction Party-7288

The birthday boy totally engrossed in his painting.

Construction Party-7334

And another little painter sorting out some water issues…Tom Tom still working hard :)

Construction Party-7333

Always the best part of a party – blowing out them candles! …TomTom’s wingman right next to him….

Construction Party-7362

And just to top off the sugar highs, I sent everyone home with a bucket of Whispers with chocolate money at the bottom. Their wages :)

Construction Party-7299

Happy Birthday my little builder. You enrich our lives with your sparkly eyes, endless curiosity and love for everyone!! A special little soul you are.

We love you more than you love exhausts. And that’s a lot of love right there.






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