You know I’m an Etsy addict right? I sell on Etsy, I buy on Etsy, I love Etsy. It’s just so full of goodness….wholesome goodness. Crafters and artisans making and creating for the love of their craft. Anyway…One of my purchases this year included these cool wooden birds by Anna Wiscombe. They came beautifully wrapped (as all Etsy products do) in this little white box. I opened it and looked at these little creations and did a silent aaaaaawwwwww to myself – as in a aaaaaaaawww-my-little-birdies-so-schweet-agha-man-nunus-I-could-just-eat-you. There were 2 big birdies and 2 little ones, representing our little familia. I couldn’t wait for Jem to get home to show him these creations.

So he arrives home and I show him expecting this absolute appreciation of this ladies artwork and to do a little aaaaaaaaaww out-loud. You know, as men do.


Jem: *pulls deadpan expression* *eyes go slightly glazed*

Me: Hun! Look, it’s our little familia…see two big birdies and two little birdies. Aren’t they soooooo cute?

Jem: *Eyes go big and makes crazy look* *appears to be at a loss for words* *really tries not to exaggerate the crazy look*

Me: Hunni, let’s start again. Let’s pretend you really really really really Ruh-Huh-Heally want to get lucky tonight (not that you will because this is just pretend play right).


Take 2 ——————-

Me: Tadaaaaaaaaaaaa - Look, it’s our little family hunni…see two big birdies and two little birdies. Isn’t it soooooooooooooo cute?

Jem: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwww. *Makes sparkling eyes* *raises eyebrows* *jaw drops* *hand over mouth in astonishment*  These are incredible pieces of art! Where did you get these???????? Such masterpieces! Such beauty! Shall we hang them on the wall now???  *looks at each one with wonderment again*

Me:  :)


Anyway, he got lucky.

And I get to buy another cute birdie :)


Feb 2015.

*laughs nervously*

The end.

Or maybe not.

Just kidding.

I don’t know.



Yeshen Venema Photography


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