With the holidays over, I’ve finally had a chance to edit some pics from the holiday camp we held at our house in the first week of holidays. The kids had an absolute ball and were kept well entertained by the “camp teachers”. We had 8 kids in total, 4 boys and 4 girls…..all I can say is that I have a new respect for play school teachers….and teachers in general. It requires a lot of energy!! It was such a delight though to have these little sprogs running around our garden and hearing them sing and chatter and seeing them play together. Too sweet!

They all received Camp Sunshine t-shirts, survival torches and emergency supplies (raisin rations) in their welcome packs. Here is Will very proud of his shirt!

Will sticking tummy out

Welcome packs for the happy campers!

Happy Campers

Survival Torch

The popular raisin rations…

Emergency Supplies

Welcome to Camp Sunshine!! :) Oh Happy Day!

Welcome to Camp Sunshine

All the art supplies ready and waiting. And all this play dough kindly given to all the kiddies by Morgan’s mom Jo and Aunty Andrea. Thank-you!!!

Art Supplies

Morgan’s daddy was kind enough to pitch all 3 of these tents in our garden!!

Tents in the Garden

The kids absolutely LOVED playing in them! If ever you feel like entertaining your kids in your backyard, just pitch a tent!!

Tom Tom

Hello Morgs!


Tsaaaaa! Such good friends!

William and Colbi

We also had a teepee tent on loan from Aunty Gina, which Will thought was the coolest thing, like, ever!!!!

Will in the Window

We had the most perfect weather the whole week…

outdoor play 2

Miss Sophia!

Sophia 3

And after a hard morning’s play, they all sat so beautifully around the tables and ate their food!

Snack Time

But not before they said grace! Liam looking so angelic…

Liam praying

Shirts drying in the sun after some messy play!

Shirts drying

And then it was time for ring time where they sang and learnt all about camping. Hearing these little ones sing together…it’s just such a simple pleasure, I never get tired of that sound!!

These are the camp teachers; Philiswe, Angie and Rebecca. We could not have held this holiday camp without these amazing women! Truly passionate and compassionate caregivers, thank-you.

ring time

Levi tucking into his raisin rations!


They made “fires” with their hand prints and “torches” they could eat!

fires and torches

Oh and the ice-creams offered a few minutes silence. Little Erin tucking in :)


All the boys together…

Boys eating ice creams

The blue-eyed girls, Mama G and Colbi.

Colbi and Gina

TomTom just loves his Angie Ang!

Ang and Tom

And at the end of the day, they enjoyed story time with Ang.

Story time

And then we held a little Camp Sunshine Party on the Friday….you can see more photos on our SunshineShabby blog

Camping Party_Collage


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