Lou has always been a natural and simple girl (not as in doff). Its probably one of the qualities I like most about her. When I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, her reply was “a flower crown” . Not a diamond, plutonite, expenseonite, costalothyst, no, a flower crown.

I had to google it…..



Ok, so found an article on how to make one. It was quite easy actually.

Step 1: get some daisies, R30 for about a thousand from local street flower seller

Step 2: cut the stems to about 75cm

Step 3: get some wool or soft string

Step 4 : assemble them one by one, wind the thread two turns every time you add a flower. Add flowers about 20mm apart and keep going.

Step: 5 when you have a long enough strip, join the ends into a crown and walla!


So, on the morning of her birthday and our anniversary, I made one for her. We were spending the weekend up in Underberg on the Umzinkulu river and it seemed kind of appropriate being out in nature and all……… The flower crown seemed to be quite a hit, and even the boys, who usually refuse point blank to wear any headgear, were enjoying having a turn to wear it!


Flower crown-3888


Everyone had a turn to wear it…

Flower crown-3923 Flower crown-3926



Whilst taking the flower crown pics I managed to get a few special moments of mama Lou and her special boys.


Flower crown-3936Flower crown-3876


It was a wonderful afternoon on the Umzinkulu river, a very special place.


Flower crown-3906 Flower crown-3933


As the sun started to set, Flower Princess  had an idea. “lets commit the flower crown to the river and send flowers back into the arms of mother nature”


It was actually quite a poignant moment as we watched the flower crown floating in the currents and down the little rapids.


Flower crown-3950Flower crown-3953



Bon voyage flower crown, hope you make it to the sea………







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