As per the Sanders family tradition, we eat chocolate cake for breakfast when there is a birthday to celebrate.

I mean why wait for Afternoon tea and cake when you can have breakfast tea and cake AND afternoon tea and cake? Duh!

I think I should have more children.
Maybe I should just have more cake.
Maybe I should just lie down and let both feelings pass.
That would be smart.
It’s cos I’m smart.  

This week we celebrated my eldest child’s beautiful hubby’s birthday.

The boys have taken to the tradition like ducks to water, except only a bit more like cats to pellets (which they eat too – apparently yummy). As you can see from the exhibit below, there is no need for one’s hands when one has a mouth. Go Direct and Save Carlton Roll.

I think I need to go to bed.




As you can see they finally succumbed to their longers and lingers. Useful things.


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